Report an Issue

Your reports and error descriptions are very useful in helping us improve StoryMaker.

When you post an issue in the StoryMaker Beta Community or send us an email by filling out the form below, the details you provide us are our best resource to help diagnose the problem. If you're curious, we have an example of a good bug report, and a bit more detail on how to send in bug reports as well.

Additionally, If you are prompted to send a bug report while using StoryMaker, please go ahead and send that in along with any description you can provide as well.

Issue Report Form

One sentence, it should include the section of the app you were in and the problem you’re having.

A list of the steps you took leading up to the issue happening. Be as specific as possible.

It's really helpful to know if a problem happened more than once.

If you took a screenshot when the error happened, please attach it. If you didn't, that's okay too.

Manufacturing differences are dramatic, knowing which one you have helps us narrow things down.

This is typically how people refer to their devices, "S3" "Nexus 5", etc.

Not everyone does, but knowing this can help us know where to look.

It's okay if you'd prefer not to say.

Use an account you'd like us to follow up with.